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Welcome to TechFolios! The goal of TechFolios is to provide software developers and other technologists with a quick, easy, and no-cost way to create a modern, professional portfolio using a pre-built template, while also making it easy for you to customize your portfolio design if you so desire.

The Quick Start is the first stop for those of you who are brand new to TechFolios. In under an hour, without installing any software, you can be up and running with a first draft of your own Professional Portfolio.

If you created a professional portfolio using TechFolios prior to June 2022, and want to update to TechFolios 2, check out our Migration Guide.

While it's possible to manage your portfolio purely through the browser, it's much more efficient to install a few tools onto your computer so you can edit your portfolio and see the changes locally. The User Guide explains how to do this, as well as how to customize the colors, fonts, and layout in order to make the portfolio better reflect your personality.

Interested in seeing a few examples of professional portfolios built using TechFolios? Check out our Gallery.

Is creating a portfolio worth the time and effort?

There are many reasons why it's worth investing time into creating a professional portfolio:

  1. Many, many former students have told me that their portfolio helped them get their current job.
  2. You can provide more detail about yourself than is possible in your resume or (say) LinkedIn profile.
  3. You can provide a personalized presentation of your experiences and interests, helping you "stand out from the crowd".
  4. Cracking the Coding Interview, arguably the best current resource on the high tech job hunt, strongly recommends that you create a portfolio.
  5. Providing a link to your portfolio helps people to write you a better recommendation letter.
  6. It helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses and target opportunities for professional growth.

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