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TechFolio Gallery

This page provides pointers to a few portfolios illustrating various features of TechFolio.


Template implements simple portfolio for a hypothetical student named Molly Maluhia.

If you are starting a portfolio from scratch, use the template repo to get going quickly.

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Josephine Garces (B.S. student)

Josephine Garces' professional portfolio.

Josephine changed the favicon and the default theme.

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Amy Takayesu (M.S. student)

Amy Takayesu's professional portfolio.

Amy changed the color scheme and the default layouts for certain pages.

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Anthony Christe (Ph.D. student)

Anthony Christe's professional portfolio.

Anthony's essays are designed to satisfy the requirements for the ICS Ph.D. portfolio process.

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Nathan Lam (B.S. student)

Nathan Lam's professional portfolio.

Nathan made extensive changes to the default layouts on all pages. He defined a custom domain ( to point to his site.

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Philip Johnson (Professor)

Philip Johnson's professional portfolio.

Philip defined a custom domain ( to link to his site. He links to external sites for project details, and uses a custom theme to provide biographical information as an "Abbreviated CV" along with a link to his full CV.

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ICS Portfolios

The ICS Portfolios site.

ICS Portfolios provides a portal to dozens of professional portfolios created by students and faculty in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Hawaii.

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